Taste the Juicy and Yummy ROI of the Food Industry

Boosting your Food Business with Creative Foodie Videos

Taste the Juicy and Yummy ROI of the Food Industry

Food industry revolves around color, taste, smell and appearance. Do you know, a well articulated video can offer all these in the online world. Yes, video content marketing is the latest buzz word in the food industry.

Recent survey suggests that visual contents lead to higher engagement than simple text advertising. Today visual contents are the engagement leaders, and this will definitely escalate traffic to video sites by 2019. Are you ready for it?

Most of the top marketing giants have the opinion that videos are the magical wands of future marketing industry. Audiences are able to capture video contents better than text or speech; this makes it the best return on investment.

Boosting your food Business with Videos

Food is no longer a refueling factor. With consumers’ perception changing constantly, they are now considering it as an entertainment factor. Consumers are interested in digging deep into the food cultures and international cuisines. This is where the current marketing technologies are playing a key role. To make them understand about food cultures and cuisines, videos are the best bet.


Utilization of Videos in the Food Industry

Story telling videos

A food video that follows a story telling pitch allows in explaining your food business to consumers in a crisp and clear manner.

Online Video Menu card

The best way to capture attention of food lovers is by creating a tempting menu card. Did you create one? If not, then this is the right time to do it. Your decision to create a high quality online menu card will give an upper hand over your competitors.

New Food Intro Video

In hotels and restaurants, announcement of a new dish launch with amazing dish launching videos help foodies to rush to the spot and taste the new dish within no time.

Social Media Videos

If you want to be in constant touch with your loyal customers, then start posting videos in social site. Many are interested in spending quality time in various social media sites. This increases the chance of meeting and greeting new as well as existing customers. That’s why food marketers are spending 90% of their quality time in various social media sites.

Cooking Videos

Many food lovers are keen to know what’s happening in the cooking station. Hotels and restaurants can think about creating cooking videos, and sharing it with customers.

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Toon Explainers is the one-stop destination for videos. With a decade of experience in the animation industry, we are able to create videos that cater your preference.

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